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Persantine MIBI Scanning

This appointment takes 3-4 hours.

Persantine is a medication that simulates exercise. Most patients feel no adverse effects from the drug although some may experience headache, nausea or flushing. The antidote is called aminophylline which is then given intravenously at the end of the test. This quickly reverses the effects of the persantine.

  • You cannot have this test if you are asthmatic.
  • The only difference between this test and exercise is that you do not exercise.
  • No food or fluid for 4 hours before the test.
  • You will have an intravenous injection of radioactive tracer and a heart scan 40-60 minutes later.
  • An intravenous line will then be inserted after the first heart scan.
  • Persantine is injected over a period of 4 minutes. The dose is calculated by body weight to a maximum of 50mg.
  • You will have a second intravenous injection of radioactive tracer and a heart scan 40-60 minutes later.
  • No caffeine for 24 hours before the test. This includes, coffee, tea, pop drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, Tylenol #1, #2 and #3. No decaffeinated drinks.
  • Bring something to eat and drink with you. There is a fridge for storage. Eating after injection of radiotracer improves the images.
  • No oral or topical nitrates on the day of the test.
  • Beta-blockers and calcium blocker may be stopped 48 hours before the test. Check with the Doctor who ordered the test.

Drugs to stop 24hrs before Persantine MIBI Scanning:

  1. Aggrenox, Persantine, Dipyridamole.
  2. Caffeine, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Pop drinks, Tylenol #1, Tylenol #2, Tylenol #3, Excedrin, Decaffeinated drinks.
  3. Theophylline, TheoDur.