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At last a future plan for the Kingston Heart Clinic.

KHC/KHCNVL is pleased to announce the following new appointments.

Dr. Gerry Adams joined KHC in September 2017. Dr Adams announced his partial retirement from Queens University recently. After 25 years as a highly respected cardiologist and skilled interventional cardiology career at KGH Dr. Adams has chosen to continue his career as a general cardiologist at KHC. We are indeed very fortunate to have Gerry join our team. Gerry will continue to provide interventional cardiology services at KGH on a weekly basis.

Dr. Marbin Cases has been at KHC since September 2016. Dr. Cases completed her cardiology training at Queens Univesity and followed up with a fellowship in echocardiography. Dr. Cases is now a level 3 trained ECHO cardiologist. Her expertise will allow KHC to continue to provide quality ECHO services well into the future.

Dr. Jeffrey Wilkinson has now joined KHC. Dr. Wilkinson completed his cardiology fellowship at Queen's university at the end of June, 2017. As well as providing general cardiology and level 2 ECHO services, Dr. Wilkinson also has extra training in cardiac nuclear imaging and has passed the American boards in Nuclear cardiology. For the first time in 2 years we will have a nuclear cardiologist on site. Dr. Barette has provided excellent nuclear cardiology services remotely from Belleville and will continue to do so along with Dr. Wilkinson. Dr Barette is also KHC's nuclear cardiology QA advisor.

Dr. Kevin Michael has also joined KHC recently. Kevin is an electrophysiologist from Queens University who will spend 6 weeks at KHC alternating with 6 weeks in his homeland, South Africa. In South Africa Kevin will provide invasive electrophysiology procedures. Kevin is an expert in arrhythmias and will provide us with advanced expertise that is necessary in this day and age. We are anticipating providing tilt table testing and other electrophysiology procedures which can be safely performed in an outpatient setting.

Dr. Ursula Jurt has now left her clinical practice in Kingston but will continue to provide ECHO reading services remotely. Her patients' ongoing care will be absorbed by the other Cardiologists.

Dr. Brouillard continues with his Rheumatology and Internal medicine practice.

Dr. Matangi will continue with his general cardiology practice and focus on expanding both vascular imaging and clinical research.

The future of KHC is now in secure hands.

Murray Matangi.