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Carotid Duplex Imaging

For the most part this test is performed in patients who are suspected of having carotid disease. Patients with symptoms suggestive of either a stroke, or TIA (mini-stroke), or a carotid bruit in either a symptomatic or an asymptomatic patient. We also believe that measurement of cIMT in the common carotid artery is a useful screening test for vascular disease in patients with Intermediate Framingham Risk Scores (FRS, 10-19). Our own data suggests that even patients with a low FRS have a high prevalence of abnormal cIMT in patients referred to a cardiac facility. Patients with abnormal cIMT can be targetted for other vascular preventative therapies such as Aspirin, Statins and even ACE inhibitor therapy. There are no specific pre-test recommendations. The procedure is performed using ultrasound. There are no recognized specific complications. The test is preformed for the following indications.

  1. Carotid bruit.
  2. Stroke.
  3. TIA.
  4. Follow up of known carotid disease.
  5. Previous carotid surgery.
  6. Previous carotid stenting.
  7. Asymmetric brachial pressures.
  8. Vascular screening in intermediate Framingham risk patients.